Does your health insurance pay 100% of maternity costs? Why pay your part of the bill when SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE can help pay those expenses for you?

The plans described below are available in most states year-round–but you can’t be pregnant when you apply (there’s also an additional BIRTH DATE requirement). Benefits are paid according to the number of Daily Room charges on your hospital bill–but you don’t assign the benefits to the hospital; the money is paid directly to you–and you decide how to spend it! If supplemental benefits exceed the deficits of your basic health coverage you pocket the difference! Plans also allow you to deliver at any hospital in the country. And–as can be seen PLAN BENEFITS USUALLY FAR EXCEED THE COST:

Plan A pays hospitalization at $300/day for the mother AND $300/day for the newborn; so combined benefit is $600/day! Benefit is paid for ANY eligible hospitalization, including birth occurring more than 10 months after policy effective date (which is usually the day the company receives the application during business hours). Monthly premium (cost) varies by age and starts at about $55mo. (To be FAIRLY safe you want to conceive 6-8 weeks or more after effective date–whatever you have to do to deliver 10 months and one-day-or-more later!)

So if you and baby stay a couple days you get $1200! If you have a C-section and you & baby stay 4 days (which is allowed by Federal law) you get $2400!

Now–that’s how much you get if everything goes fine. But if you or the baby have complications requiring a longer hospital stay, you keep collecting $300 per day up to 70 days total. So total possible benefit is $21,000 per person!

Plan B is about $35mo. and pays thousands of dollars if you’re diagnosed with internal cancer, PLUS $900/day FOR ANY ELIGIBLE ICU CONFINEMENT (cancer-related or not), UP TO 30 DAYS! Newborn NICU benefit is half that. The POLICY ALSO PAYS FOR Step-down ICU (half of the ICU/NICU benefit–up to 30 days!) Newborns are covered as long as birth occurs more than 10 months after coverage effective date.  A couple years ago one of my clients had a newborn spend 28 days in the NICU before being released, so the insurance company paid them $12,600 ($450 X 28 days). Boy were they happy!

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p.s. The supplemental hospital coverage described pays for any eligible confinement–maternity-related or not. Additionally, if you currently have NO health or dental insurance and would like a free quote, please contact me.